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Friday is A Good Day


Friday is a good day. It is the end of the week work, and it represents the beginning of free weekend life. Friday, we usually feeling nice, and have high efficiency on doing work. With a week of work full of sense, we look forward to a good weekend. Today is just Friday, great! What do you plan to do? Going to have date? Going shopping? Or going to travel? I think they’re all good ideas. Just now, it is spring, when there are blue skies, bright flowers, lively birds and breeze warm. Coupled with the warm sun, we should really go out to play well. For women, we need wear beautiful clothing to have weekend. is an online store to sell clothing and accessories, such as dresses, tops, jeans, bags, shoes and jewelry. Beautiful women may wish to come in stroll on Friday. Ericdress t-shirts Ericdress pumps Ericdress…

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About Valentine’s Day


February 14th is Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a romantic day. Sure, it also has a romantic with a bit sad story. The third century AD, the Roman Empire appears comprehensive crisis with economy depression, ruling class corruption and social unrest, people have resisted. The aristocracy brutally suppressed the people and Christians to maintain the rule. At that time, there’s a believer Valentine, arrested and imprisoned. In prison, he touched the daughter of the warden with a frank heart. They love each other, and he got her care. The ruling class ordered him to execute the death penalty. Before his death, he wrote a long suicide note to the warden’s daughter, showing that he was innocent, and that he was well-behaved and deeply attached to the daughter of the warden. On February 14th, 270, he was sentenced to death. Later, the Christians sacrificed themselves for the sake of honor and…

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Donald John Trump Daughter Ivanka’s Wear


Donald John Trump Daughter is Ivanka Trump. She is very excellent. She has made excellent grades in her childhood and she graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania finally. At the age of 16, Ivanka Trump began to get rid of entertainment, with tall and beautiful appearance and her own effort, she found a part-time job at the elite model management company. Her fresh image frequently appeared in the inside pages of famous fashion magazine “Elle” and “Charm”. During the model, Ivanka Trump did very well, such as catwalk, magazine and advertising. Until now, she is getting better and better in the entertainment. As “president daughter”, Ivanka Trump also received the shooting invitation of Bazzare. Ivanka Trump found the same name jewelry brand “Ivanka Trump”, at the same time, she just is the spokesperson. Not only there’s a store on the Madison Avenue of Manhattan Center, but…

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Chic Wedding Venues


Wedding is around the corner. Want to know where is the most exciting wedding destination the whole destination? Want to find an especial and enviable absolutely place for your wedding or honeymoon? Here to introduce several beautiful places 2017. 1. Iceland’s Sierra Leone Waterfall The Sierra Leone Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. It is quite beautiful and definitely a good place to do a wedding ceremony. 2. Paris France Romantic Paris is always a nice place where lovers want to go. Kiss under the Eiffel Tower. Take photos in French royal courts, such as Versailles Palace and Fontainebleau Palace. 3. Iceland Iceland is located at the junction of the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. It’s one of the Nordic countries. A very beautiful and romantic place to host wedding ceremony! 4. Italy “Five Fishing Village” Italy “Five Fishing Village” got its name because…

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Shoes with Removable Heels


Women are very beautiful wearing a pair of high-heel shoes, and women all love high-heels very much. Most women have a lot of high-heels to match with different clothes to go different occasions. But high-heel shoes are often not comfortable than flat shoes. Women wear high heels all the day, then the feet will be tired, or even injured. For office ladies, they need to wear high heels to keep maintain nice state and beautiful appearance in the offices. But it’s the most uncomfortable time crowed bus and subway on the way. If the high heels in the offices can change to flat shoes on the way, it’s great. Then, designer Tanya Heath designed a kind of shoes which are flat shoes and also high-heel shoes. The design point of the shoes is the button of sole. Women only need to press the button and the heels can be written…

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Victoria Beckham Family


We all know Victoria Beckham’s husband is the world’s most handsome man David Beckham. Victoria met Beckham the first time, nothing happened, because Beckham is very shy. The second meeting, Victoria accosted Beckham initiatively and boldly. She doesn’t think she should miss a right man for being shy. Facts proved that Victoria is right, they’re always very sweet. They often appear together in front of the public. In January 1998, they announced their engagement. March 4th, 1999, Victoria gave birth to his son Brooklyn for Beckham. July 4th, 1999, they officially held the wedding. Married 10 years, they feelings are still envy others. David Beckham sent sweet blessing in the INS on Victoria’s birthday. Victoria develops very well in the fashion circle, and do not forget to build her husband. She transforms Beckham a male god of all people. Maybe there’re many people say Victoria is too strong, and Beckham…

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Victoria Beckham Great Cause


Speaking of Victoria Beckham, we all know that she has her own cause, a husband who is most handsome in the world, three handsome sons, and a super cute daughter. Her life is completely the best portrayal of life winner. But do you know? She has paid a lot of effort behind these. Victoria Beckham began to accept the vocal, dance, performance training, studied at St.Mary’s Cheshunty art school, Jason drama school. As a child, because she often wore bright, and sat in Rolls-Royce to school, students envied her. They balanced in their own way: Isolating her, never invited her to the ball of the corner; laughing at her and giving her all kinds of ridiculous nicknames; Blowing her and taking her face acne big fuss. She used her own way to fight them: She spent all the time on practicing sing and dance during the day and she was…

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The Designer Wedding Dresses in 2017


2017 is coming and spring is a good season to have wedding party. Then what are wedding dresses trendy this year? Let’s look some designer wedding dresses. New York wedding fashion week is a good wedding dress camp. Lela Rose 2017 spring and summer series 1996 Lela Rose designed wedding dresses independently. Her intricate design and fine idea help her design a large number of wedding dresses successfully and completed the ideal as a famous designer. The series this season is collision of minimalist and personality. Let wedding dresses show the side of personality in the white material through the tailor. Carolina Herrera 2017 spring and summer series Carolina Herrera leading is a brand leading American elegance wave which the aristocratic ladies and stars love from the beginning of the establishment. The design style is elegant and simple, retro and modern, sophisticated and romantic. It’s to show the perfect feeling…

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Merry Christmas 2016


Christmas is a traditional festival of the church calendar, which is the celebration of Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. In general, the 24th night is the Christmas Eve, and celebrating Christmas on 25th. Now, because of internationalization, Christmas is not only a Western holiday, many countries have begun to celebrate Christmas. Christmas has become a lively public holiday. Christmas is also a family reunion and festive season, people usually furnishings a Christmas tree at home to increase the festive atmosphere of joy. Christmas trees usually made of evergreen trees, such as cedar to symbolize life forever. The tree is decorated with a variety of candles, flowers, toys, stars, hanging many Christmas gifts. Christmas night, people sing and dance around the tree and having fun. It is said that Santa Claus has been a bishop of every city in Asia, named Saint Nicholas, after his death as a…

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Clothing Sales 2016 at


Today is 24th November and it is the fourth Thursday of November. So it’s Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is a national holiday in America. Today, people don’t work and usually get together with their families to have a sumptuous dinner and turkey is the most important dish on the table. People will have this holiday for four days from Thursday to Sunday. And tomorrow 25th is also a special day. Yes, tomorrow is Black Friday which is a big day to go shopping. All most stores physical and online provide attractive promotions. The same items have the lowest prices throughout the year. Ericdress is a good store to sell clothing online. Compared to physical stores’ crowd and fatigue, shopping online is more convenient. If you need clothing for women, men and kids, welcome to visit We provide many promotions, such as free shipping and big discount. You can enjoy the…