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Trendy Flat Shoes for Women


The weather is getting cooler and we will take off sandals. Many beautiful women like to wear a pair of heels. Heels are beautiful, but it’s tired with it and women may sprain their feet. So we need a pair of flat shoes in the early autumn. Here I recommend you three kinds of trendy flat shoes. A pair of satin lace-up ballet flat shoes This is a pair of new flat shoes in 2016. Wearing it, women will have a new kind of fashion style. In addition to the bandage element, it’s also asymmetrical design of plaid bandage and solid black bandage. And the shoes add two chic black leather bandages in the middle. It makes the flat shoes quite unique. The first fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni loves the flat shoes very much and she often wears it. Mini wears black hoodie and shorts to match with the flat…

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Fashion Ankle Boots & Sweater Dresses at


Wow, these ankle boots are so beautiful! Ankle boots are the best shoes in autumn. The height on the ankle is just right for the temperature of the autumn. And it’s great to match with clothing. The autumn has come and it’s more and more cold. It’s time to prepare ankle boots for your now. is a good store online. She designed many fashion ankle boots for customers. There’re martin ankle boots, chunky heel ankle boots, wedge ankle boots, high heel ankle boots and flat ankle boots. The styles are various. The lace-up ankle boots are very popular. If you like sweet bowknots, there’re many choices. For the color, the black and brown are common. For deep colors, the navy blue and dark red are also good choices. If you like light colors, I think yellow, beige and apricot are all very good. But what should these beautiful…

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Fashion Long Coats Styles


In addition to dressing beautiful, sunscreen is also very important. So the long coats become to very popular, because it can make you beautiful and shelter from sunlight. All girls can have long coats regardless of height and weight. How long are the coats? How long coats are good-looking? I think the ankle length is perfect. For petite girls, the knee length is alright. With long coats on the street, girls will be graceful and cool. Long coats matching with these are perfect. What are the best matches for long coats? It’s t-shirts with shorts. The hole-jeans are also good choices. If you like, you can wear a long dress to match with your long coat. Popular Matching Styles In the end, what to choose to do with the long coats? And what style is the most popular this year? Solid Color If you don’t know which color to choose,…

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Back to School Season Is Coming


It’s just August and you must be enjoying your summer vacation. Maybe you’re surfing on the beach, maybe you’re on vacation overseas, and maybe you’re watching Olympic Games, but various promotional activities for the back to school season has started quietly. is a good store to go shopping for your back to school season. Homecoming dresses and prom dresses are just for you students. These homecoming dresses (link: and prom dresses (link: are really beautiful, right? Yes, they’re great. The styles are diverse. And all the designers are unique. Ericdress designed them in heart, so that girls looking perfect with them. As you see, you have many colors to choose. And most colors are light and fresh. With them, girls will be like princesses. Ok, let’s recommend some new dresses 2016 to you. It’s necessary to wear a homecoming dress to be back to school. The styles…

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Short Dresses Above The Knee for Girls


Every time, when we see the long legs of pretty girls on the street, we could not help look many times. Wow, how beautiful girls! We have no long legs, but we can make ours become long legs. Remember, wearing dresses above the knee about 15 cm is a simple way. In this way, your leg lines are not only stretched, but also your legs look longer. Many short female stars like wear in this way. Emma Roberts Amanda Seyfried The little white dresses are the best choices if you want to be gentle and generous. It’s clean and fresh, and very suitable for summer. Another, with a little white dress, your skin looks more bright white. Matching with sandals or white shoes, your legs will look very long. The shirt-dresses are also fresh. The different point is there is more taste of intellectuality. Stretching your height and waist, meanwhile,…

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Cool Trench Coats for Women

If you say wardrobe essential, in addition to the little black dresses and leather jackets, the trench coats are definitely the next. A trench coat, not only can help you shelter, but also can help you concave shape. It’s really a necessary item to travel. Especially in the autumn, the air temperature is fickle, and you need to take a trench coat to go out. Many famous stars cannot wait to have trench coats. We all said that trench coats are the best items to highlight the temperament and taste. With the simple low-key color and minimalist cut, trench coats transfer cool and art feel everywhere. Here I recommend you an online store There’re so many stylish trench coats. Dark colors are the main colors of trench coats. These trench coats are examples. As you see, with them, women are full of temperament. Women are very charming. They’re sold…

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Overalls Let You Always Be 18 Years Old


Do you have overalls? Now, stars and bloggers love overalls very much which are comfortable and have the magic to let women look very young. Ko Joon Hee was in the Incheon airport to go to Hawaii to take pictorials. She had wide legs denim overalls with a little bag with chain and Dr.martens sandals. Taylor Swift had white top with the waist outdoor, burgundy bag, black chunky heels ankle boots, matching with black overalls, I think she is going to have a date. Angelababy had Topshop hole denim overalls, matching with white Givenchy loose t-shirt to participate wide help new conference public. Vicki Zhao have mixed colors t-shirts matching with mixed colors overalls with a little bear picture bag to participate the meet for the film The Left Ear. Oh, I have amazed by their youth. Honestly, overalls have no age limit. Just with a good match, it’ll be…

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Little Black Dresses


Little black dresses are women’s must-have items. Chanel founder Coco Chanel said, women may not lack little black dresses in their wardrobes. Little black dress is the benchmark of “elegant” and has contracted visual effects making women look more thin and slim. So each girl who likes basic styles is certainly not ignore the “little black dress”, showing the status to the little black dress should not be overlooked oh~ 80 years, no matter how people’s concept of beauty changes, little black dress has always maintained its image of elegance and perfect in people’s minds. The huge fashion charm of little black dress makes so many Hollywood women to give up those gorgeous dresses bright shining, and choose such a low-key black LBD appearing on the highly anticipated red carpet. Goddess Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” wearing a little black dress with pearl necklace become an…

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Cool Hoodies


Let’s Rock With Cool Hoodies!   The Color of Hoodies A hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood. Hoodies, or hooded sweatshirts, have been around in the U.S. since the 1930s, first produced by Champion for laborers to wear in the freezing warehouses of New York. Hip-hop artists popularized the hoodie as a rather sinister garment in the 1970s, because of the rise of New York street culture. Young people would like to wear loose hoodies, caps and low-waist jeans. If you see people dress in this style in Queens, New York, policemen will tell you to make a detour politely. People always think that a young black male dressed in this manner is up to no good. In America, hoodies have already caused some disaster, such as the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Is young, black and wearing a hoodie a recipe for disaster? Absolutely not. All the…