Structural Statement Tops that are wearable works of art!

The traditional tops have become invisible since the emergence of structural tops, structural sleeves balloon outward, split in half and swirl into fractal ruffles; asymmetrical blouses, dramatic pleating, and sharply creased shirting; and bows and ties everywhere. These statement tops have brought a new era of work wear with them, a great collection of the same is available on
For many of us, work wear is a way of life. A pressed, buttoned, pleated and sometimes striped; your typical button up shirt means business. With the structural tops, office attire has been reworked into wearable art.
1. Go Crazy with Shoulders
Bare your shoulders with crazy architectural tops. Shoulder cut outs with extravagant detailing, twisted shoulder with ruffled sleeves is what make this style so worth it.

Cold Shoulder Top-1 Cold Shoulder Top-2 Cold Shoulder Top-3

2. Ruffle it all up
We love vintage and we love ruffles, and the structural tops have brought them back to us. Ruffles at neck, at shoulder, at sleeves, and you still won’t be able to get over them. A top that you can pair with your formals, casuals and as well as your party pants!

top with ruffles-1 top with ruffles-2 top with ruffles-3

3. Tie it all up
We are tied up to tie ups. Tie ups are not only well structured but also enhance the curves. Waist tie ups is the step up to belting at the waist. It is elegant, romantic and so unique.

tie up top-1 tie up top-2 tie up top-3

4. Bold Sleeves
From billowy to bell shaped, ruffled to extra long; the more fun you have with the statement sleeve, the more playful your look can be. The sleeves give a bold, dramatic, 80’s look.

Bold Sleeves Top-1 Bold Sleeves Top-2 Bold Sleeves Top-3

Structural Statement tops are the biggest trend of the season. These are the coolest way to up your style game. has a wide range of statement tops (, check it out and pick out your favorites.

Autumn Winter 2017: Trend Alert (All you need to know)

It’s time for your winter shopping and the time to be prepared for what we are going to see in the stores. We are highlighting the 10 major trends that you must know!

1. Bloody Bold Red
If there is anything that screams A/W 17 from a mile off, it’s red. Models covered in red from head to toe were the highlight of the runway. This color also happens to be the most flattering color on all skin tones, so it’s a win-win.

Bloody Bold Red-1 Bloody Bold Red-2 Bloody Bold Red-3

2. The Luxe stockings
The fishnets have been taken over by the lacy sheer detailed stockings. Subtle and making a statement.

The Luxe stockings-1 The Luxe stockings-2 The Luxe stockings-3

3. Fur it up
The touch me texture over prints is so exciting. Fur trend is not limited to jackets and coats but it has spread further to handbags, footwear and head gears as well. The trend is so wide spread that you can always find your style and color to suit you.

Fur it up-1 Fur it up-2 Fur it up-3

4. Masculine tailoring
80s revival trend, loose tailoring and wide shoulders is back. Oversized and a little out of shape, yet so graceful.

Masculine tailoring-1 Masculine tailoring-2 Masculine tailoring-3

5. Checked items
Tartans have taken over. Checks are back with a makeover, bold silhouettes and unique assemblies.

Checked items-1 Checked items-2 Checked items-3

6. The Boho Dress Brigade
Muted colors, patch worked fabrics and prints lifted from across the globe, these dresses look highly romantic and also highly individual.

The Boho Dress Brigade-1 The Boho Dress Brigade-2 The Boho Dress Brigade-3

7. Slogan Tees
Slogan tees are here to stay, irrespective of the season. Words that matter are being said much louder and with much clarity than before. The words are starting to be more powerful than logo power.

Slogan Tees-1 Slogan Tees-2 Slogan Tees-3

8. Velvet Touch
Velvet has been updated this season, from trousers to pencil skirts and two pieces, all in beautiful muted and sophisticated colors.

Velvet Touch-1 Velvet Touch-2 Velvet Touch-3

9. All Embroidered
Jumpers with embroidered mythical creations, embroidered coats, dresses, pants, skirts make beautiful romantic vintage style pieces.

All Embroidered-1 All Embroidered-2 All Embroidered-3

10. Brown is the new Black
Chestnuts, camels and coffee hues all have taken over the more somber black.

Brown is the new Black-1 Brown is the new Black-2 Brown is the new Black-3

Your love for Pajamas is no longer solely reserved for your bedroom

Pajama Dressing has become socially acceptable! It’s official! Pajamas have the freedom to step out and are making themselves stand out in every mood. We bring you the perfect pajama choices depending on the mood and occasion. Don’t stop yourself and get into you pajama sets ASAP!
1. On a Casual Meet up
Pick up your favorite pajama top and pair it with your distorted hem jeans, a perfect assembly for a casual meet up. If you don’t want to leave your pajama bottoms unattended, pick a pair of heels that matches the set the best and a oversized tote to finish the look.

On a Casual Meet up-1 On a Casual Meet up-2

2. Nine to Five
A subtle preferably suit like or with collar pajama top is something you can easily wear to work.

Nine to Five-1 Nine to Five-2

3. When you just want to have fun
All over funky prints is a perfect choice when you are in the mood to have fun. A combination of casual and funky, pair it with a pair of shoes or heels or loafers to finish the look.

When you just want to have fun-1 When you just want to have fun-2

4. On a date night
For a date night, you can go bare under your pajama top or wear a sexy lace bralette, to give you a hot, casual, romantic look.

On a date night-1 On a date night-2

5. Statement Makers: Party Ready
Bling it on with metallic Pajama sets. Who would’ve thought we’d be talking about pajama sets as party wear. But here we are with the ones that will make statement.

Statement Makers: Party Ready-1 Statement Makers: Party Ready-2

6.The Sport Badge
Rock in your favorite sneakers and pajama set. This is the most go to, easy, effortless and comfortable look.

The Sport Badge-1 The Sport Badge-2

Be winter ready: Check-Mating the mainstreams!

From intricate gingham to oversized tartan print, checks are going to be the hottest trend this winter. This trend was seen on AW17 runways and now is getting visible on every store; this is the best time to grab the best ones. We’ll take a look at the most ingenious way to incorporate this trend into your dressing (everyday or occasional). We have rounded up the most beautiful checked items that you can buy on
1. Statement Suit
Never underestimate the power of a checked suit. We saw many checked suits on the runway and as well as on the streets; a sport-luxe version with bright colored shoulder bag and low top trainers, making the suit less formal by adding a casual bomber jacket on top and what not. Nothing will go wrong with this statement piece, experiment as much as you can.

Ericdress checked suit pants

2. A touch of sass: the Skirt Suit
Because why not? Coco Chanel introduced us to the skirt suits and we still obsess over it.

Ericdress checked suit skirt-1

Ericdress checked suit skirt-2

3. The Blazers
Winter is coming! And Blazers will save your life. Assemble any look and add a blazer on top, it always steps up the look, that’s its power. Checked blazers have never been out of trend for as long as we can remember.

Ericdress checked blazer-1

Ericdress checked blazer-2

4. Classic Coat
Embrace the checks with elegant long classic coats. With high heels and high-rise jeans, it’s a look your wardrobe can’t miss.

Ericdress checked coat

5. Checked Bottoms
When you want your minimalistic look to stand out, checked bottoms will do the job best for you. Be it a mid length check skirt or casual check pants.

Ericdress checked skirt

Ericdress checked pants

6. A-line Dress
A-checked dress lines up in our favorites. The dress looks so self sufficient in itself that it can be carried out easily with minimum accessories. A checked dress or a printed dress is always easier to carry and effortless.

Ericdress checked dress

This season is going to be immersed in Checks and our wardrobes have stared craving for MORE CHECKS!

Welcoming winter with Floral Summer Prints: The Pre-winter Must Have

The Street Styles from Day 1 of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) ’17 has given us Major Pre-Winter Wardrobe goals, there are so many
favorites and so many inspiring trends. But the one must have this
September is the Summer Print.
What better way to bid a farewell to winter if not the summer prints on floral fabrics!
Following are our favorite picks from day 1:
A red knee length sheer dress with floral print accessorized with Prada velvet bum bag, leather loafers with fur detailing, oversized round sun glasses and multiple thin gold chains.

floral dress-1

The smart casual: floral printed top with wide leg checked ankle length trousers; the wide waist band highlights the look. Cat eye sun glasses, black satchel bag and floral printed boots finish the look.

floral dress-2

One dress is like a walk down the memory lane, it highlights all the trends we had this summer. The asymmetrical silhouette, statement bell sleeve, the bold shoulder, frilled detailing and the floral print, this dress has it all. The dress has so much in it and hence is accessorized simply with black ankle boots and tan brown leather bag with metal chain sling and tassel detailing.
floral dress-3

These hot trends are easily available at
From short dresses to knee length to floor length, a wide range of floral summer dresses.

Ericdress floral dress-1 Ericdress floral dress-2 Ericdress floral dress-3


And a wider range of tops to step up your smart casuals.

Ericdress floral top-1 Ericdress floral top-2 Ericdress floral top-3


Ericdress also has a great collection of accessories and footwear. One stop to your next best look!

Wear A Skeleton Costume To Celebrate Halloween In 2017

Now it is the end of August. Time passes quickly, and the summer will soon be over. The Halloween is not far away, too. What style costumes to show in 2017? Skeleton costume! Yeah, skeleton costumes are very popular this year. What is skeleton costume? The costume is a bodysuit, and the printed pattern is skeleton from top to bottom.  Skeleton costumes are quiet different from other costumes, they look very cool, and it’s full of Halloween feeling. The following six skeleton costumes come from online.

Wow, cool! The whole model is full of mystery and ghosts feeling. The first one is a spaghetti striped v-neck sleeveless bodysuit. This skeleton pattern is thin. The design of the second costume is complicated which is made of shoulders, body and legs three parts. It’s a hollow long sleeve skeleton costume.  The skeleton pattern is wide. The third one is a also a long sleeve skeleton costume, meanwhile it’s a fashionable cold shoulder design. The skeleton pattern is truer ghosting design. The fourth one is a long sleeve skeleton costume like the third one. The difference is it’s a red one. Black skeleton costumes are common, if you want to be different from others, red also is a good choice.  The last two are skeleton costumes with pleated skirt. The last one is also a corpse bride cosplay Halloween costume.  Which one do you prefer? Choose a skeleton costume to celebrate halloween in 2017 here:

 Ericdress Black Deep V-Neck Black Skeleton Costume  Ericdress Black Long Sleeve Hollow Skeleton Halloween Costume Ericdress Black Strapless Skeleton Print Cosplay CostumeEricdress Red Long Sleeve Hollow Sexy Skeleton Halloween Costume

Ericdress Black Pleated Skeleton Halloween CostumeEricdress Off-Shoulder Print Corpse Bride Cosplay Skeleton Halloween Costume

The Most Anticipated Four Time To Watch Meteor Shower 2017

Meteor shower is a astronomical phenomenon emitted in a so-called radiation point from the sky when there are many meteors in the night. These meteors are fragments of the universe known as meteoroids that run into the Earth’s atmosphere at very high speeds when running on a parallel orbit. Most of the meteoroids are smaller than the gravel, so almost all of the meteoroids will be destroyed in the atmosphere, and will not hit the surface of the earth. The debris that can hit the surface of the earth is called a meteorite.

Meteor shower is a astronomical phenomenon emitted in a so-called radiation point from the sky when there are many meteors in the night.

Based on the stars having a wish to be able to achieve the beautiful legend, so many people are looking forward to meteor shower. Meteor shower is year after year, almost every month, then what is the best time to watch meteor shower 2017?
1.January 3, 2017, quadrant instrument cluster meteor group
2.May 5, 2017, Aquarius meteor group
3.August 12, 2017, Perseus meteor group
4.December 14, 2017, Gemini meteor group
The Perseus meteor shower on August 12 is the one just happened. Perseid meteor shower is a great meteor shower, and it is very worth watching.

The Perseus meteor shower on August 12 is the one just happened.

Then is it very difficult thing watching meteor shower? No, it’s simple. Some people will ask can the naked eye see the meteor shower? What tool do you need to watch the meteor shower? Shooting meteor shower must be full frame camera? In fact, as long as there is a normal exposure to the ordinary camera can shoot, watch the meteor shower do not need any equipment, just quietly with the eyes look like.

it’s simple to watch the meteor shower.

But remember that do not make a wish after see the meteor shower, because it is too late. It is the best way reading the desire in a low voice in the heart to waiting for meteor shower patiently.

Wear A Gorgeous Red Asymmetry Homecoming Dress To Go Back To School

The season of back to school is coming, and what clothing will you prepare? For girls, a homecoming dress is necessary. Then what style do you choose this year? How about a asymmetry homecoming dress?  And what about the color? Let’s choose red. Maybe you say it’s also common, but adding unique designs,  it will be gorgeous red asymmetry homecoming dress different from other dresses.

   Ericdress A Line Off The Shoulder Short Sleeve Asymmetry Red Homecoming Dress-1

Ericdress A Line Off The Shoulder Short Sleeve Asymmetry Red Homecoming Dress-2

Ericdress A Line Off The Shoulder Short Sleeve Asymmetry Red Homecoming Dress-3


This is graceful tulle red asymmetry homecoming dress. The main design point is the dismountable neck. With the neck, it’s a short sleeve dress, and without the neck, it’s a off the shoulder dress. And the sweetheart neck looks cute and pretty.

Ericdress Short Sleeve Red Asymmetry Lace Homecoming Dress-1

Ericdress Short Sleeve Red Asymmetry Lace Homecoming Dress-2

Ericdress Short Sleeve Red Asymmetry Lace Homecoming Dress-3


This is a lace red asymmetry homecoming dress.  The whole dress is made of lace material. The neck is elegant boat neck. The design is simple, but unique. Do you like this style?

Ericdress A Line Half Sleeve Red Asymmetry Lace Homecoming Dress-1

Ericdress A Line Half Sleeve Red Asymmetry Lace Homecoming Dress-2

Ericdress A Line Half Sleeve Red Asymmetry Lace Homecoming Dress-3


This is also a lace asymmetry homecoming dress. What the different points are the neck and sleeves. It’s sexy v neck and trendy bell sleeves. And the length is longer. Which one do you prefer? If you want to find other asymmetry homecoming dresses, welcome to visit here:

Send A Cute Graphic T-shirt To Your Little Boy

It’s very happy have a lovely little boy. He may be very naughty, but must be very cute. He needs a lot of clothes to replace, because he is too fond of play, especially in the summer. Sometimes, they are still very picky clothes, despise not fun. So, you can try with cute graphic clothes, such as graphic t-shirts. Because there are interesting patterns on the chest, the children like very much. If you don’t know what gifts to send to him on his birthday, graphic t-shirts are good choices. is a good choice for you online.

Ericdress Summer Cartoon Graphic T-shirt

This is a summer 2-pieces boys outfit. The top is a cute graphic t-shirt. The pattern is four cartoon trucks and several stylish English letters. Boys all love cars, trucks and robots toys, so this kind of t-shirts sell very well. The striped bottoms match very well.

Ericdress Graphic-Print T-Shirt Shorts Casual Boys Outfit

This is a cute graphic t-shirt printing a big bear head. Bear is always a lovely animal and little kids, big kids and adults even like it. The color orange is bright and trendy. There’re also light green, light green and white colors. The black shorts are also great. This outfit is really a good choice in summer.

Ericdress Graphic T-Shirt 3-Pcs Boys Outfit

This is a fashionable 3-pieces boys outfit including a plaid shirt, graphic t-shirt and suspenders denim shorts. The pattern of the graphic t-shirt is a big cartoon truck. It looks simple and unique. The plaid shirt is classic and the suspenders denim shorts are cool. Do you want your boy try with this stylish style? Other great boy’s outfits at are here:

It’s Nice Putting On A Cute Fruit Shape Shoulder Bag In Summer

Summer is a hot season, but meantime, it’s a colorful season. People wear colorful clothing on the street and to play on the beach. At the same time, all kinds of fruits are ripe, such as watermelon, pineapple, strawberry, peach and grape. People like to eat fruits, especially women. If women wear fruits on body, it would be very nice. It’s a good idea to put on a cute fruit shape bag. Ericdress designs some shoulder bags for women and girls.

Ericdress Cute Pineapple Shape Knitted Shoulder Bag

This is a cute pineapple shape knitted shoulder bag. It is a prototype bag as a whole with yellow body and green lid and strap. The style is cute and unique, and the colors match very well and is bright. Do you like it?

Ericdress Cute Strawberry Shape Knitted Shoulder Bag

This is a cute strawberry shape knitted shoulder bag. The shape and color are both as the real strawberry that the body is red grounding with little white points, and there’s a pair of green leaf on the top. And the gray strap matches very well. Another good choice!

Ericdress Cute Watermelon Shape Shoulder Bag

This is a cute watermelon shape shoulder bag. Wow, it looks like a real watermelon, doesn’t it? Yes! The shape and pattern are both lifelike. The long black strap seems like the watermelon tendril. There’s a black zipper in the middle.

Which bag do your like mostly? Pineapple, strawberry or watermelon shape? Choose one for your summer. Many more shoulder bags at are just here: